Ending The Crisis Through Art And Innovative Connectivity .

About Solution

This solution is of two phases:

1-Inter-faith and Cultual method of curbing crisis.This method works fastly in African countries than other conntinents. Art is an integral aspect of lives because it reveals the world secrets to the reader or audience. But in relating to conflict resolution and breeding of peace; it has been a way by which many actors of the wars resolve the grudges and come to normal sense of breeding Unity in our communities. This could be achieved by film production on peace, peace jingle documentary etc so that the retaliatory minds of the warring faction would be eradicated and substituted with cordiality for the purpose of young Coming generations. I have used this method in Nigeria because we are often compelled with what we watched and listened to on media. Internally displaced people in camps will highly need this kind of deep inspirational peace jingles by listening to it on intervals most especially in the morning before the meal and in the Night after the meal, by this, Centuries to come will be saved from retaliation.

2- Innovative Connectivity: This solution works for African and the world refugees, asylum -seekers and internally displaced people.There should be a " A SOFTWARE APPLICATION" that would be connective in solving LEGAL REPRESENTATION , WELLBEING AND HEALTH SITUATION of the asylum, refugee and internally displaced ones in the country that are chosen  to flee to or being under its refuge.This App will be build by containing the data and information of all asylum or refugees in the world or some particular regions through serious security monitoring.The efforts will be done to accumulate all laws binding upon the refugees of all countries including any changes, previous or later development that might occured with updates. Every country has different legal provisions of her land in regard to trooping in of foreigners through the immigration department and the Attorney. The App will have the necessary visiting features for enquires on what can make refugees's life to look the same or more better at where he is heading to. And again, this App will broaden the ways by which local or international humanity organisations  may contact each others for consultations on some MENTAL HEALTH +WELLBEING ISSUES of the refugees which can be resolved by connecting TWO OPPOSITE SEX TOGETHER FOR LEGAL UNION if the path is solution in the cases like ISOLATION AND DEPRESSION  and others).



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