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Our Impact Nutirtion E2F vertical algae farming utilizes clean (geothermal, hydro) electricity and it’s waste streams: natural CO2 emissions & waste heat. The production is carbon negative (certified by ON Power, Iceland) and uses a fraction of land and water associated with traditional food production. Based on a peer-reviewed study by Cambridge University (“The future of feed” and a study co-authored by the leading climate-change scientist & Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Bill Moomaw (“Cutting out the middle fish”, using Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) as the nutritional basis for comparison, ONE TON of EAAs from E2F algae SAVES: 8,984 m3 of fresh water; 15,000 m2 of land & 315 kg CO2 (Soy EAAs) OR 150,000 m3 of fresh water; 125,000 m2 of land and 25,000 kg of CO2 (Beef EAAs). Our first E2F production facility is located at the Hellisheiði Power Station in Iceland, with an annual EAAs production capacity of 2,000 ton. This corresponds with 2,000X the savings mentioned above. Using only 10% of the currently installed Hydro power capacity (120 GW) results with annual production of 1 million tons of EAAs, corresponding to 1,000,000X the benefits mentioned above. In addition, E2F has zero-waste, NO USAGE of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics – which presents a substantial environmental saving by it’s own merit.

Our patented Energy-to-Food Production Platform, requires less than 1% of the fresh water, less than 1% of the land footprint and is CO2 negative profile. We are constantly improving the growth and performance of each strain using machine learning and data analytics techniques efficiently integrating our novel indoor, controlled and scalable process with the operations of a Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland. We utilize the sustainably produced power, pristine water, waste heat, natural CO2 emissions to turn “Waste to Value”. As a result, we have cost-effectively eliminated all variation in consistency and quality that have been prevalent in phototrophic agriculture based microalgae production to date and achieved exceptional product performance, creating a unique value proposition We present a paradigm shift in sustainability, compared to Soybean framing considered by many as the best thing today for protein and essential amino acid production.



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