"Enough bread in this remote place"

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As my propositions to the solution of the issue of displaced population accessing quality and affordable needs essential for their safety and well-being, I will like to talk on just 3 of them

Firstly to help the displaced population, I will proposed for the need to match up knowledge, intelligence and imaginations of what to do by the stakeholders, peace avocates, leaders and organizations and individuals with effectiveness. By this I mean talking without acting will not help them. There's need for immediate action to provide them with shelters, warm clothes, clean water, food and protection. More has to be done than just talk about.

Secondly I will proposed as solution for the issue of displaced population the need for continuous education and flexibility. This is very important because no conventional method can work for this issue but rather solutions need to be tailored base on some factors like cultural background, religion, race so that it best suits a people and impact them better and best.

Lastly I will say inclusive growth is needed to help the displaced population. There's a need for a productive team to work with the affected persons. Making use of persons in ground to help themselves.

Like a crown on all these I strongly believe hope is a the most vital ingredient of them all. Carry hope along



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