Entomoindustry by HEXA: The Climate Change Solution

About Solution

In our hands we have a new approach to solve this problem:With insects, nature's wonder workers.We use them to convert organic waste frommarkets and restaurants into animal feed.

Our business model consists in: Collecting waste, charging establishments for this service, and using organic waste to feed our insects. Insects will generate organic fertilizer as a byproduct, and, when the time comes, we dehydrate them and sell them as feed. We achieve a circular economy by reintegrating organic waste back into the economy through high value products.

After working with diverse species, we managed to design a completely safe and clean process with the black soldier fly in which we process any organic waste without the need for a sanitary landfill. We chose this species because with only one kilo of eggs, in 2 weeks, 25 tons of organic waste are transformed into 15 tons of fertilizer and 5 tons of animal feed. In addition, this species is not a pest, not a disease vector and has antimicrobial properties.

With our BSF protocol, we cover the 3 spheres of sustainable development:

  • We reduce GHG emissions: for every ton sold of our product, we impede the generation of 13 tons of CO2eq!,
  • This benefits our planet and health,
  • We reduce fish and poultry farmers feed cost by 15%.

HEXA is a revolutionary idea because the entomoindustry will be a fundamental axis in the future of society.

But what is the entomoindustry?

We know very little about insects. We use them in biochemicals, in nanomaterials, and in physical modeling. But we could use them as bioplastics, biodiesel and biogas, to name a few.

As HEXA, we yet have to cover all of the areas of this unprecedented industry. We are focused on working to detonate public policies, regulations, and resources.

We impact positively social awareness: Through our process atHEXA, your separation of waste now has a real positive economical and environmental impact.

We are running a pilot program in which we feed a small chicken farm with our product, obtaining promising results, so we want to move on to the next level. We are looking for support to scale our project.



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