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ENTOMOPATHOGENIC are te fungi which are able to colonize and kills specific insects and microorganisms that cause diseases in plants such as white flies and some of pathogenic insects,while mycoherbicides refer to the products from the fungi that kills and control growth of the weeds and some of toxins such as Aflatoxin derived from aspergillus species

i will adress the challenge of hunger by applying the products into the smaller farms in villages and when thewhich are unable to afford chemical pesticides and herbicides due to high cost.And this solution will start at Tanzania especially in village areas where by most of  farmers are suffering from white flies, and other danderous insects that lead to low production  in pwani,tabora and morogoro.I chose this method to address that problem due to most of weeds and insects became more resistant to chemical pesticides,insecticides and herbicides,but this solution will be the best among the best because it uses natural processes and below are some advantages of this solution

  1. use low cost in massive production
  2. Some of strains may commercially produced
  3. are environmental co-friend
  4. can kill both larvae and adults stage of insects
  5. are geneticaly stable
  6. are specific to targeted organisms
  7. are not applied frequently
  8. can be spread by hosts(insects)



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