Entrepreneurship skills development for refugees

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Bidibidi is the largest Refugee Settlement Camp in Uganda and the second largest in the world, with a population of 287,087 covering 250 square kilometres.Addition to that Uganda has an 83% youth unemployment rate. Many refugees are passively waiting for resettlement in the global north. “In Bidi Bidi, refugees reported poor quality teaching, a lack of essential classroom materials and severe teacher shortages. There is no vocational school in the settlement and limited opportunities for secondary or higher education. SINA Loketa meets these challenges head-on. It works with both refugee and host community youth to create their employment opportunities and found social enterprises that solve problems in Bidi Bidi and beyond.”
UNHCR (justification for Innovation Award)’’. ‘‘Vocational training is considered as a key factor for local integration and socio-economic development of the youth. It also prevents youth from leaving to South-Sudan and from engaging in bad practices’’. See: (https://www.unhcr.org/innovation/a-local-people-centered-approach-to-experimentation/). SNIA LOKETA (SINAL) is a self-organized learning space environment in Bidibidi that builds on capacities of young people to become self-actualized and job creators in their communities through social entrepreneurship and connectivity. In SINAL each scholar chooses from our core track areas and gets access to tools that they use to make and develop their ideas through Project-Based Learning and hands-on experimentation. The scholars are matched with mentors and keep testing ideas and making mistakes until they become social change-makers and living with their own social ventures created thus creating their own jobs and solving societal and/or environmental problems in their communities.



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