Entrepreneurship training, skills acquisition and Empowerment

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The following solutions below can address the challenges or issue of poverty which lead to insurgency that has been affecting North East Zone of Nigeria

Promote entrepreneurship in the youth populace and in the private sectors. This can be done through the creation of business parks and startup hubs. Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity to help startups grants for who want to go to agriculture for startups, financing for business startups competitions.

Skills development artisans and technical training such as: Fashion designs, Barbing, Automobile repair, Painters, Tiling, Baking, Catering, Cosmetology, Graphic design and ICT. Etc. to enable those should not go to tertiary institution to attend and make decent living.

Empowering Youth to be self-sufficient: this could be done though loans to enable them to start a business. Having a reliable source of food and water works toward empowerment of people through this means poverty could be reduce or eradicated.

Invest in agriculture and assist farmers to grow enough food to feed the nation this roll back over dependency on importation of goods that can be easily grown locally. The importation expenditure saved can be invested back into Agricultural Technology.



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