Enva-Clean Brikets

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The negative consequences of charcoal over the years have resulted in a rethinking of how to stop the practice, and instead find alternative energy sources for household cooking for low income earners in Ghana. The project will address the energy trilemma of Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa by facilitating access to secure energy by low income earners; ensure the provision of low cost energy for low income rural and urban dwellers; and ensure that the household energy produced is clean, with low carbon emissions. It entails conversion of “after-harvest” or farm waste into charcoal briquettes, using a carbonization process of grinding and use of a binding agent. Farm wastes are thus used as raw material for energy production. This is intended to reduce both tree-felling for fuel as well as environmentally hazardous forms of farm waste disposal. In comparison to local charcoal, Enva-Clean Brikets is envisaged to produce less smoke, burn longer, produce more heat for quick cooking and does not require trees to be cut down.




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