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Nowadays, Ukraine is facing a deep ecological crisis.Negative impact of the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power station has affected the health of the entire generation of Ukrainians. Pollution of water resources, air, depletion of flora&fauna, massive deforestation. These topics are becoming increasingly urgent for the country. Military actions in the East of Ukraine are compounding environmental pressures in the country, environmental issues fade into the background. The deterioration of the environmental situation is the result of long-term urban education of members of society and low social activity of the country's population. The gap between government bodies, NGOs and activists prevents the creation of favorable conditions for the healthy development of future generations.

This’s the reason why we initiate the implementation of theEnvironment and MeProject.Concern about the future of Ukraine, as part of the international community, understanding the importance of introducing new approaches to protect the environment, the need to build environmental awareness in society, and the activity of the project will be aimed at children and youth.In the project's framework:

  • an advocacy campaign will be launched to ban the use of disposable plastic;
  • in cooperation with decision-makers, we’ll advocate for the approval of regulatory documents in the field of reduction and elimination of plastic production (especially disposable plastics), electronics and textiles;
  • we’ll conduct an educational work among youth about the need to reduce plastic consumption;
  • we’ll ensure the organization of environmental camps for children and youth, training for specialists working with children and youth, training for young activists on how to protect the ecosystem and promote the sustainable utilization of materials and resources. With the help of young activists, we’ll hold "Do not buy plastic!" events and remove plastic debris from forests, parks and banks of lakes and rivers. We’ll discuss and offer the recycling opportunities.

The experience gained as a result of the implementation of the Project “Environment and Me” in Kiev, we can spread to all regions of Ukraine.Project will contribute not only to changing the environmental situation in Ukraine, but also to transforming the consciousness of young Ukrainians to protect the environment.



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