Environmentally friendly income generating activities.

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Youths in developing countries are not fully aware of the existence of climate change. They show little or no engagement in fighting against it, with majority of them considering it as a natural phenomenon. This is due to the fact that a majority of them live in extreme poverty, accompanied with little opportunities due to their slow integration to the fast changing world.

Due to that, they use any means possible to earn a living, with a majority of them engaging in environmentally unfriendly activities to feed their families such as deforestation to produce charcoal, wood and planks, bush burning for agricultural farm, reluctant in denouncing and reporting individuals who are champions in promoting activities that are unfriendly to the environment, just to name a few.

This solution deals with creating vocational training centers that will train youths for free on environmentally friendly income generating activities through environmental education . These activities are, but not limited to:

Information Technology (use of information technology to promote the fight against climate change through social media an the creation of blogs, basic computer skills in order to adapt for income generation, etc). Recycle and reuse of electronic gadget such as computers.

The production and design of jewelries, shoes, bags, wigs and brooms from local products, waste and plastic containers. Production of briquette in place of charcoal.

Sustainable agribusiness such as aquaculture, rabbit farming, mushroom cultivation, production of coconut oil, production and use of compost.

Sensitisation and climate workshops in local communities and schools to create awareness of the existence of climate change and global warming amongst the indigenous people, and actions they need to take at local level.

The above was selected because of the urgent need of activities that can engage youths in developing countries to be involve. If they are not comfortable or have what to eat and take care of their family, they will not see a reason to act. Again, a majority of them are not aware so, they are ignorant of their environmental unfriendly activities and the effect on the climate. That is why sensitisation is eminent and training on how to report climate related activities in public and on the internet is also important. Knowledge is the greatest tool to fight climate change.

Generating income while protecting the environment is the best thing one can offer to humanity and the present devastating climatic condition. This will trigger the youths to take action fto generate income.



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