Environmentally friendly method/production of novel cement

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The significant and persistent demand for concrete in meeting modern infrastructure requirements, particularly in developing economies, presents an increasing challenge to the global community. Thecement industry Co2 emissions contribute to 9% of global emissions. Where as our innovation offers massive energyreductions,lowering emissions, projected calculations of 125Kg of Co2 removed per 1 metric ton are feasible and relatively conservative, we believe scale-up production will show higher savings, weembed circular practices, sustainability and future technologies to the construction industry. Our innovation is called ‘Karbonite’ as a truly greener option, because the process we have invented allows 50%+ less energy in thermal heat required, the current existing burning process needs 1400°C, our process only needs 750-850°C. Therefore providing a massive industry energy saving immediately, although various green cement products coming to market,still require higher temperatures and still release toxic waste and carbonemissions, Karbonite has the potential to be a superior product, firstly through the binder which is composed of a new natural mineral feed-stock, activated at lower temperatures with zero toxic waste ,during the activation process it releases water, the binding & physical strength of this material is modulated by the addition of proprietary biological additives
which are residual waste streams (Lignin, solid biogas residue) from operating bio-refineries. Lignacite and other companies claiming they are producing sustainable concrete, but limestone is still a significant component in their process. We want to allow nature to lead innovation and create systems that benefit the human, the environment and the economy.

The technology challenge is to get the Karbonite process and products accredited & integrated to a scale up pilot production, ingredients are verified, Karbonite process can be used with existing industry machinery with modification, Scaling is crucial to our manufacturing process, Karbonite can use existing sites & partner with Cement companies utilising a redundant or working cement plant, Prototypes have been made via TUM university Munich and data is available to support all claims also we have granted European IP.



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