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The solution leads to change so that the Monterilla area that was once an area of ​​violent conflict and where an armed group originated today is building a viable way of living in rural areas a model that we want to strengthen so that it can To be replicable in other areas of the world, from this small social laboratory we have become a rural area receiving the same displacement from the rest of Cauca, so the area has become an exporter of displaced persons to the recipient thanks to the model that has been built. Through inclusive growth, we can say that this challenge has both innovation in peace and justice and innovation in the inclusive market since we are managing an educational center that is financed mainly through productive processes that provide employment in rural areas and in turn allows a dignified way of living in the countryside, something indispensable if we want the world to have who produces the supply of food necessary for world demand will intensify in the coming years.

Currently, the CERES Monterilla initiative, in its process of strengthening the production process, is looking for the strengthening of the project through this strengthening, we can consolidate ourselves as a Rural University and as a viable model of agricultural production, the educational initiative that we have been carrying for more than 20 years in the area as a foundation in which we started from the momentum of the construction of a school and we are currently carrying out tertiary education in the area, which we need to strengthen, we also find a great example of the construction by your organization of the university of Mohamed Bin Rashid medicine, since education is the basis of any initiative that achieves the viability of any region, city or town.

The targets are:Directly benefit 5,000 young people with affordable technical and technological education,Encourage the creation of value chains represented in agribusiness microenterprises,Create courses in water management and environmental management within the educational offer



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