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Why we Launched ERTH: E-waste Recycling Through Heroes?

Did you know that around 80% of global e-waste ends up in landfills? Did you know that 100% of landfills leak toxicity into the environment? Did you know that we throw over $50 billion of precious metals in our landfill e-waste every year?

So why don’t we recycle our e-waste properly? It boils down to one word: inconvenience. We enthusiastically rush towards the electronics shop when we want to enjoy a new device. But once our device dies, who wants to carry a heavy PC all the way to the (usually far) recycling center? And once you get there, you are at a loss because you paid for transportation and received zero or too little cash for your e-waste.

That’s why we started ERTH. It stands for E-waste Recycling Through Heroes; who are dedicated individuals who earn an income while saving our planet. You simply tell us whenever you have e-waste for collection and we will send you our nearest Hero (usually on the same day) to collect it. Since we send the e-waste straight to a government-licensed recovery facility, not to any middle-men scrap traders, we are able to pay you 2x as much as the public recycling centers. So you get a convenient pick-up from your home or office, a great price for your e-waste AND an amazing feeling for saving our planet. Sweet deal!

At ERTH, we collect thousands of devices and then send them straight to a government-licensed facility in Malaysia to process it in the most environmentally-friendly way. They use mechanical processing not chemical leeching to avoid harming the environment. Whenever acids are used (for example for refining) it gets neutralized before disposal. We are also research partners with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore to continuously improve the processes and reduce the amount of energy needed to recover the precious metals from e-waste while diverting the toxic metals away from landfills. One thing for sure, neither humans or environment suffer any harm during our recycling process, that is our guarantee.



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