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In my country 8 million farmers are affected by climate change, which is manifested by increasingly short rainy seasons, low production, and soil degradation. These 8 million farmers depend mainly on rain-fed agriculture, which lasts only 4 months a year. This

Short period no longer allows them to produce enough to feed their families during the 8 months of dry period. In order to provide for families, 80% of rural youth practice rural exodus and some immigrate during the dry season.

My company Satgrie built an IOT system to solve this problem.

Using sensors and satellite images, our technology can determine the soil requirements to supply the exact quantity of water and nutrients needed. As a result, the irrigation requirements drop by up to 80%.

Sahelian agriculture is the main source of income for 90% of the working population and provides more than 50% of export earnings.

It is on the basis of these problems and the timeliness offered by Mali that we decided on an IOT system based on sensors and satellite images in order to determine in real time the needs of soils and crops. Our system is also combined with solenoid valves which are controlled by our sensors in order to automatically and autonomously supply the quantity of water and nutrient necessary for the proper functioning of the crops.

We use satellite images and artificiel intelligency to have the following information: soil fertility rate, evapotranspiration, crop health, productivity assessment, weather forcast, etc ...



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