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Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, it has over 200 million people. Out of them, more than 87 million people are extremely low-income people, who earn less than $1 daily (Brookings Research Institution of the United States), Nigeria has already overtaken India to be the poverty capital of the world! Climate change effects are felt the most by this set of vulnerable people who know nothing to very little about what environmental sustainability or climate change means!

Our solution, eTrash2Cash is a social enterprise that directly help low-income people to earn attractive cash incentives which they can use to better their lives, through the trust between us at our accessible local collection centers in their communities, we create innovative grassroots awareness on environmental sustainability and climate change in the best language and methods they understand. 

Majority of the local people have attested to the fact that, they heard climate change for the first time in their lives from us, and that they had never thought about how effects of improper waste disposal can lead to effects of climate change, or worst still, how drought is linked to climate change. Through our efforts, the bottom-up approach to educating the local communities is yielding fruits, we see the passion, commitment and zeal to take action on climate change once they are educated and informed about it. 

So, we believe in the power of creating grassroots and first hand awareness in low-income communities, people that do not know anything about what climate change means can`t take any action to avert climate change effects, in fact, they are completely not in the same page on achieving sustainable development goals. 

Therefore, our solution is primarily addressing climate change crisis through creating grassroots awareness, educating and informing the most vulnerable set of people in Nigeria on issues around environmental sustainability and climate change, and supporting them to take a positive action and to also inform or educate others. 

On a secondary scale, we help to drive proper wastes disposal systems, through trash to cash exchange models, diverting tons of thousands of trash off landfills and water bodies, reprocess and recycle them to reduce land, air and water pollution or generation of greenhouse gases through improper disposal. 



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