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We live in an era where technological development is expanding in a fast way and becoming a predominant part of our lives. Our new generations are witnessing the lifestyle that go along with these profound changes. However, being familiar with these technologies doesn’t necessary imply that they have the right set of skills needed in their future jobs. This was proven by studies that showed that “the reason behind the increase in the number of unemployed recent graduates of today comes as direct result of the incompatibility between the offer in the skills and the demand in the labor market”.

In the same context, we decided to create “the next generation of educational tools” , robots that comes in a set of different mechanical and electronic pieces and can be assembled, then programmed in order to deliver the best possible learn by practice experience of new technologies. The product is accompanied with different workshops and courses tailored specifically for each age group.

Evocraft is a technological project that aims to enlarge the youth knowledge about technology and their involvement in the creation of the future scientific achievements.

Inspired by the new emerging STEM education methodology, Our team worked hard to provide easy to use concepts and products that help kids learn robotics and software programming at early age and through a learn by practice approaches that focus on trial and error. We provide the coolest perfectly engineered robots that can be assembled and programmed in order to learn the basic concepts of mechanics, electronics and software development.

Our robots are basically created as different pieces of hardware that can be combined according to the imagination of the kids to build robots that can play music, dance, play football or even solve a simple labyrinth by their own.



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