EVOLFAI: A story of change, the first WiFi business of the base of the pyramid

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From my great motivation, my son Santiago, diagnosed with Down syndrome he made me find my purpose of life: to leave a global footprint. Looking for a new way to include all the vulnerable and excluded communities in the world, achieving a culture of high productivity, contributing to the UN’s goals of sustainable development to eradicate poverty.

EVOLFAI was born with the challenge of bringing a new concept of connectivity in a unique way, from its design in technology to its model of social intervention, aiming (and achieving) to give life to a new orange economy.

EVOLFAI is aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), it is specifically centered on Goal # 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure). The goal is to help close the gap in internet access (more than 4.000 million people have no internet worldwide) by providing resilient infrastructure to communities at the base of the pyramid, guaranteeing equal access to information and knowledge.

It's technologically designed to guarantee a greater WiFi coverage in the houses and in the streets of the communities neighborhoods to low cost, allowing mobility and 100% on demand internet Access, where yo can choose what you need: from 1 hour to 30 days, and thanks to its solar panels in it's nodes, service continuity and environment impact are guaranteed.

It's designed to innovate the concept of social integration: selected families in the community will run the project, they will sell, collect, offer maintenance and support and develop a growth strategy. This will provide additional income to their households and connect the community with the rest of the world: possibilities open toward access to education, medicine y work, moving the culture towards high productivity.

Evolfai is profitable and sustainable over time,thanks to technological infrastructure innovation and it's social intervention model.



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