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50 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) are produced every year and the number could more than have doubled by 2050 to 120 million tonnes yearly (World Economic Forum data).

Our mission is to reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills. We aim to do so in a sustainable way, both economically and ecologically, by creating a platform that connects people that need to dispose of their old devices with people that can extract value from them. The platform serves as a basis for an ecosystem in which device consumers (i.e. general public) give their old, no longer in use devices away in exchange for an incentive. The device can then provide value to different agents (other individuals, repair shops, recycling firms), depending on its state.

In so doing, the platform maximizes the life cycle of these devices by incentivizing their reuse and repair, and ensures a proper disposal when their lifecycle has reached an end. Instead of centralizing the solution, eWays focuses on the local business ecosystem to better protect the environment and the communities living in it. In conclusion, eWays promotes a reduction in e-waste generation, thanks to reuse, and a reduction in both the illegal dumping and emissions generated due to improper recycling/disposing.



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