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      Poverty as a global challenge is extreme in rural areas. Farmers who live in these areas face this challenge severely. Our studies of 10 developing countries reveals that many middlemen including wholesalers, distributers and brokers exist in the agricultural food supply chains. These actors have higher margins than the farmers and in many cases they do not conduct the payments on a fair basis. Lack of direct access to the market in favor of the farmers is often a challenge which leads to farmers poverty.

      Moreover, 30 to 40 percent food loss in food supply chains of developing countries is a disastrous challenge. By reducing food loss, less food needs to be produced. This means, it does not need to use more water and land to increase the food production. The main reason for such a high rate of food loss in developing countries are challenges in harvesting, storage, packaging and transport. Furthermore, due to having several middlemen in chain, several handling points exists that damages the agricultural food.

EximFram provides direct and instant access to the market in favor of the farmers and supports them by online contacts, payment system, inspection and quality control. This helps framers to sell their products with higher price and saves them from inconsistency in payments. Also, with inspection and quality control in harvesting, packaging and transportation, less food will be wasted.




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