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In 2018, about 48% of total energy was consumed by different buildings sectors. Since buildings have considerable impacts on the environment, it has become necessary to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and to reach the commitments by the world countries to reduce GHG emissions in a few years via climate change protocols. To achieve those, building energy models play a critical role. The current energy model have lots of issues.We have developed a new AI-based comprehensive product which includes a big database on energy data and renovation materials, an AI-based energy model, web-based platform, a linked app, and a sustainability meter.Our innovation is to apply AI in energy modeling to generate a strong tool to solve current energy modeling limitation and sustainability issues. Our model will combine different renovation methods for building envelope, HVAC, and lighting system considering TEC, LCC and negative environmental impacts, while respecting limited renovation budgets. Our product which is the first one of its kind, will be used widely by building industry for predicting and reducing energy consumption, building costs through renovation, and increasing sustainability in a very short time but yet highly accurate results.



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