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The World Bank established a poverty line of USD 4.38 per person per day for Lebanon. Using this index, 28.6 percent of Lebanese households were found to be poor. This accounts for more than 1.2 million Lebanese people living under the line of poverty out of the 4.3 million population. Furthermore, Lebanon hosts 1.5 million Syrian refugees and around 200,000 million Palestinian refugees out of which the vast majority are living in poverty. Out of the six million people residing in Lebanon, 2.5 million live in poverty, unable to afford basic human needs such as decent clothing. Around 67 percent of deprived Lebanese and 87 percent of refugees live in the country’s 251 most vulnerable areas mostly located in rural areas.

On the other hand, Lebanon is an upper-middle-class nation where 50% of the country's distribution of income expressed in PPP exceeds 12,847 USD annually. This means that Lebanon has more than 2.2 million citizens who have accumulated enough wealth to regularly donate decent clothing. FabricAID collects, sorts, and redistributes clothes to disadvantaged communities at microprices ($0.3-$2 per item). Our goal is to deliver good quality clothing into the hands of people who need them while reducing fabric waste.

We collect new and gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories through our network of smart clothing collection bins located all over Lebanon, by buying items from NGOs who receive clothing donations, and through partnerships with businesses and organizations.

Only items in good condition are selected are sorted, cleaned, and packaged to be sold at pop-up markets that we set up in underdeveloped neighborhoods, and at FabricAID’s own permanent shops located in rural areas.

FabricAID distribution channels maintain a dignifying shopping experience, similar to the one provided by traditional clothes retailers (clothes neatly displayed, price labels, changing rooms, personalized advice). Clothes that are not fit for resale are sold in bulk to existing second-hand clothing stores. We also shred items into raw materials that can be used in furniture and construction industries.



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