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Over 800 million people lack access to clean drinking water. Even if people have access to water, roughly 2 billion in densely urban areas don't have a continuous and healthy potable drinking water supply and people are not able to drink it straight from the tap. Due to violent conflict and climate change over 30 million people live in extreme poverty conditions and in refugee settlements, where clean drinking water access is very limited. Lack of access to clean water and hygiene is the leading cause for the spread of preventable diseases. Over 4 billion cases of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases like Cholera and over 2 million deaths every year could be reduced if the most vulnerable portion of the world’s population would have access to clean water.

One of the most important factors that causes is that people don't know the scale of the contamination because they don't know what's in their water. We believe that only thru modern rapid prototyping methods, open innovation, mass production and emerging technologies like AI we will solve this large scale issue that affects billions of people at an affordable cost.

Faircap was founded with the aim at designing and manufacturing small devices that can purify and test water water quality at the lowest cost possible using the latest technologies. We make portable, point of use water filters that can be adapted to existing containers like soda plastic bottles, buckets, jerrycans or taps so as to provide clean drinking water by removing pathogens and contaminants from polluted water. To provide confidence on our products we also make a low cost E.coli water testing kit that is easy to use and which allows anyone to test for bacterial contamination in their raw water at a cost of less than $1 and with a small portable piece of equipment that costs less than $10. Furthermore, by using AI we aim to create a large set of water quality monitoring data for rapid identification of potential waterborne diseases using a smartphone app and satellite imagery.

We apply the latest technologies like nanomaterials, membranes, low power electronics and artificial intelligence to prevent billions disease cases, to increase the productivity and to improve the living conditions of the most needed people in developing countries.



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