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Today every problem of farmer boils down to the technical and financial category. The idea proposes the solution to address the mix and match of the technical and economic related issues.

Solution: Faith is the platform for the farmer to raise money by giving their agricultural land as an investment to the outer world people. The platform is a crowdfunding platform coupled with other services for the farming sector. The people investing in farmer's land would buy shares of the agricultural land and would not own the land. The ownership belongs to the farmer. The farmer or group of farmers can collaborate and raise crowdfunding for the combined area of the land.

The platform enables people to build their diverse investment portfolio for the agricultural sector and take part in the multi-billion dollar agricultural industry. A platform and its services are for both the farmer and people.

The platform has a various list of subscription services like machine service, hiring service, agriDoctor service. The subscription service model is run from the outer world people and used by the farmer. The external world people can list the services and farmers signup on the platform.

The machine services include tractor services, harvester, spraying, etc. use in farming. Since the agricultural equipment and tools are expensive, so the platform enables collaborative buying and usage.

The hiring service of the platform brings the service industry to the agricultural sector. The people can hire the farmer for farming, different kinds of services related to agriculture.

The agriDoctor services of the platform enable researchers, agricultural practitioners to engage with farmers and help them. They can list their expertise and farmers can subscribe to it. Also, farmers and their land can be a part of research experiments and collaborate with researchers, universities and companies to try out new things, build new methods and technologies with cooperative experiences. This is another method to increase the way of revenue generation for farmers.

Faith is an attempt to raise the awareness of the agriculture sector among people and draw people to take part in farming, a highly skilled and technical work.

Faith brings a farmer to the needs of the markets and improves the economic credibility. The platform brings farmer and it's services to the global audience; and audience to the global farmer.



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