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Farmers are the lifeline of our local food system. When farmers suffer losses, food becomes expensive, hunger becomes widespread and public health is endangered. We must therefore cherish and protect our farmers.

Pest and diseases are a major source of concern to farmers. According to CGIAR, “Every year billions of dollar worth of crops, livestock and fishery are lost to pests and diseases”. This problem not only destroys livelihoods of farmers but affects nutrition for millions of citizens and also public health.

We provide a support system that help farmers defeat pest and diseases through;

  • Regular training
    We believe farming is a vital economic activity that contributes meaningfully to zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, decent jobs and public health. This belief inspired us to leverage the power of data to equip farmers and help them defeat pest and diseases. We achieve this by collecting and analyzing clinical and farm level data and using that to inform farmers to make better decisions around pest and disease prevention and management.
  • Last mile delivery
    Access to quick and affordable input can be a daunting challenge for a rural livestock farmer. We deliver quality and affordable bio-security products and vaccines that help them prevent and manage any localized outbreak.
  • Extension services
    We provide on time extension services through our “Farm Corps” programme that serves as a quick access to veterinary and diagnostic help to combat any disease situation and/or spread



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