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Bwana Shamba/Farm Doctor is an agricultural program that aims at advising farmers on the right seeds, the right fertilizers and introduce technology to their traditional farming means as well as introduce them to better agriservices like Agri-Insuarance, Agri- finance and incubators. The radio program aims at introducing farmers across Tanzania with a professional agriculturist who they have access to via radio on a specified radio program, farmers can ask questions and advise and as well have the agriculturist visit their farms.  90% of Tanzanians are farmers and almost  90% all of them get their information from radio hence radio will be the reliable to tool to reach them in ensuring farmers are informed. And also rural Tanzania which makes up to 75% of the population have access to the right agricultural information for change. 

When we can uplift farmers and ensure they have the right information to produce more and have viable channels to spread their produce then we can solve hunger and uplift communities. 



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