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We train our farmers in the prepare effective micro-organism enriched compost and pest repellants with EM solution. We also teach them various other applications of EM technology during the entire crop cycle. Our farmers don’t have to buy pesticides and fertilizers anymore, allowing a cash saving of 30%-75%. We encourage them to earn extra income (30% – 50%) by selling surplus farm produce and self prepared EM compost and pest repellant. We also assist in forming a Farmer’s Producer Organization and set up their own distribution channel and in getting their farms organic certification under National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) standards. We later aid them in finding a market where they can get the fair and premium prices for their organic farm yield.We are also seeking to set up our food processing unit to gain extra income for farmers and sustain farm soil for ages.In  last decades, the exponential increase in the burning of fossils, fuel mining, smelting of metal rich ores, fertilizers such as urea, DAP, MOP, etc., and pesticides pose a major threat to environment and human health. In our endeavor to increase food productions by hook or by crook, we conveniently overlooked the consequences of our actions. Maintaining soil fertility and nutrient balance are critical to a good yield. Synthetic fertilizers can eat up the soil nutrients, creating a micro-nutrient deficiency in the soil, urea accounts for 82% of total nitrogen consumption and Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) for 63% of phosphate consumption. Such imbalance plays havoc with the micro nutrient balance in the soil.The good news is that we can start undoing part of the damage by using the Effective Micro-organism way of farming. There is more good news — in a world that faces food scarcity, experts in the EM technology believe that it has the potential to feed the entire world population and cope with the increasing demand without harming the environment. EM is a liquid solution which contains beneficial organism from three main genera phototropic bacteria — lactic acid bacteria and yeast. This is not a fertilizer, a chemical, or a genetically engineered synthetic product. Japanese Bokashi method is used to prepare compost with EM solution, manure and agricultural waste is added to the compost.This method rectifies all diseases of soil and tries to retain it to its true composition. This resultant yield is greater; the crop is pesticide free and has higher nutrition value. 



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