Farm Franchise for Female Smallholders

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In Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa, more than sixty percent of smallholder farmers are women; these women cultivate close to seventy percent of all food crops produced annually. Each year, each female farmer cultivates between a quarter to one hectare of farmland every planting season earns less than $300 from her farm annually. Our female smallholders produce and earn less on their farms compared to their male counterparts, mainly due to three main constraints: difficulty in accessing arable land, inadequate capital to fund inputs and lack of market access for their produce.We are connecting smallholder female farmers to arable land, capital, market  and other agricultural support services through our innovative digital platform. These women who lack access to critical farm resources,  access our holistic service offering which makes them more productive in their farming careers all year round. By so doing,  we are transforming the perception/role of these women from subsistence farmers  into agri-entrepreneurs who pursue farming as a career, that improves their lives and that of their families.

Farminista Africa is a Limited Liability Company registered under the Ghana Company Code. It's Founder is Debbie J. A. Ajei-Godson.



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