Farm Trust

About Solution

Farm Trust is a startup that can:

  • Improve the food supply chain, through the distribution of agricultural products from rural farmers to the final consumer, Farm Trust solely intervene to sell farmers’ products by shortcutting all the middlemen.
  • Increase farmers’ revenues by enabling them to easily access the market through an online platform, where consumers can choose their products and get delivered anywhere in Tunisia.
  • Reduce agricultural losses by communicating customers’ demands (orders are based on what is available in farmers’ lands). Farmers, therefore, only harvest the needed products and avoid stocks.
  • Boost long-term agricultural productivity by informing farmers about customers’ preferences. Farmers can then produce more of what is demanded by clients, increase their revenues and afford sophisticated technologies that could help them produce more in less time.
  • Providing technical expertise the right equipemts and developed technologies to increase farmers profits.



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