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Before now, smallholder farmers in rural regions were left out of supply chains although being responsible for 90% of the food produced in Nigeria. They focused their resources on production, without paying due attention to sales and marketing upon harvest.

This resulted in their dependence on local middleman visiting their farms to make purchase and as such left them in abject poverty due to huge wastages as a result of no means of storage before the arrival of the middleman. The middleman has also over time extorted this to cheat and pay far below fair prices thus gaining significant leverage over farmers.

FarmDirect seeks to change this via the use of mobile telephone technology which has largely been adopted across Nigeria.

Now farmers can access markets and be involved in the agriculture supply chain by marketing their products themselves using their mobile telephones. Our solution provides one of such avenues; Contact centres.

Farmers call into our contact centres to negotiate and schedule pickup of their harvest. The information shared with our contact centre agent is passed on to personnel at the storage facility located closest to the corresponding farmer.

Personnel at the storage facility then communicate with the farmer and agree on the logistics required for collection. Collection is done using our 4×4 dedicated trucks. After collection, farmers are issued physical receipts via hand or they can also opt for digital receipts to be sent to their mobile telephones via SMS. This is then presented to our mobile money agent who credits the farmers account within 12
24 hours.



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