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Africa has over about 60% of the world's arable land most of which are unfarmed. The parts of land which are already under cultivation are not very productive due to primitive farming methods and over-farming which also results to environmental degradation .As a result, the yield per hectre in Africa is usually one-third of the global average.

We want to reduce food insecurity and boost economic output in Africa and the world at large by using one of the continent's most vital asset
arable land.

One of the core means of achieving this is by unlocking and making available for farming, the over 600 million hectres of arable land in Africa. While also boosting farm productivity through affordable and accessible deployment of smart/precision farming solutions for millions of small and medium holder farmers across Africa.

So imagine small holder farmer been able to expand their farm plots easily by leasing from those who have unused land and having access smart and precision farming technologies which can remove the guess work from farming and help them to know what to plant, when to plant it, if to apply fertilizer or not, soil fertility, weather condition, expected yield per hectre, expected return on investment etc. All without breaking the bank or without having any technical skill.

To enable this we have developed Farmeli. Farmeli is a mobile web platform that enables Landowners in rural,semi-urban and urban areas across Africa to earn income from their unused and undeveloped land by leasing it to farmers. It matches those land to farmers based on criteria such as soil quality, usage, suitability, term, etc. Then to add value to the farms on the platform, we will offer them affordable and accessible smart/precision farming technologies on SaaS or pay as you use basis. So their farms can produce more yield per hectre. Also Farmeli ensures that each land in its platform is managed sustainably in a way that does not affect the environment.

By doing this our solution solves the problem of food insecurity, and climate change challenges associated with existing food system. Our solution can boost food productivity by 50 to 100% on farms on our platform.



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