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Farmer storage bags are low cost farmer friendly storage bags that allow cereals and grains as well as other existing cash crops in Kenya such as coffee and sesame to be safely stored for an extended period of up to 2 years. From our in-depth market research, we noticed that grain and cash crop farmers in Kenya incur a lot of losses as a result of use of poor storage facilities for their produce. Farmers are also forced to sell their produce at very low prices because they do not have proper storage facilities where they can store these produce as they wait for the appropriate time when they can sell them at maximum profits. Currently, it is estimated that the post-harvest losses that are caused by lack of proper storage facilities amounts to 35% to 50% of the annual production. As a result of these damning statistics, our company currently manufactures low cost farmer friendly bags that are supplied to grain and other cash crop farmers for storage of their produce for up to 2 years.

The farmer storage bag is a woven polypropylene bag with a plastic lining which is capable of protecting grains and other cash crops from the infestation of rats, weevils and other rodents. It also prevents moisture from getting into the grain thus controlling the moisture contents of the grains.

When properly sealed as per the guidelines provided to the farmers, the farmers` super bag is able to completely prevent the flow of any moisture as well as oxygen between the stored grains and the external environment. By preventing the flow of oxygen, the bag reduces the amount of oxygen inside from 20% to less than 1% within 3 days. The reduction in the oxygen levels inside the bag to less than 1% therefore kills any insect and prevent weevils from infesting the stored grains or cash crops. The farmer is therefore able to store the grains for up to 2 years without using any insecticides to control the infestation of the grains by insects or rodents.

By controlling the flow of moisture, the bag therefore prevents drying or wetting of these grains thus maintaining their quality within the duration which they are stored.

During the pilot testing of our super storage bags on 150 farmers in the western part of Kenya, the farmers observed reduction in post-harvest losses as the bags completely controlled infestation of their crops by insects as well as rodents. The use of these bags also eliminated the use of insecticides to control weevils which resulted into reduced cost of storage of grains as well as an improvement in their market value due to their low chemical levels.

In summary the following are the key benefits of our farmers` storage super bags;

  • Control infestation of grains and different cash crops thus eliminating the use of insecticides and other chemicals to control infestation of stored crops
  • It controls flow of moisture between the stored grains and the external environment thus maintaining the quality and required properties of the grains for the storage duration.
  • It enables farmers to store their crops for up to 2 years therefore enabling them to have enough time to look for appropriate buyers who can purchase the crops at the best price. This prevents exploitation of farmers especially during harvesting season where they are forced to sell their produce at very reduced prices as a result of oversupply.
  • The use of these bags increases the profits generated by the farmers by 145%.



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