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We are bringing on board digital inclusion of smallholder actors within the agriculture food chain in Ghana with the distribution of marketing and advertising services to eliminate middlemen transactions to maximize profits for smallholders and to give them a broader scope of targeted customers. Thus, encouraging smallholder farmers to produce massively without the fear of access to markets and the prevention of post-harvest losses. Smallholders can place ads of produce one month to harvesting. Trained and certified FarmerCash Facilitators (FCFs) shall assist smallholder commercial operators who are not computer or smartphone savvy to submit ads for consideration. Moreover, we shall take the digital marketing and advertising space to the doorsteps of smallholder players through the engagement of our FCFs.

However, in the 2010 Population and Housing Census, the Ghana Statistical Service said 31.5 per cent of the agricultural household members had no formal education, 60.3 per cent had up to middle school level education and 8.2 per cent had secondary school education or higher. However, irrespective of these statistics, we shall train and certify interested persons who shall be branded as FarmerCash Facilitators (FCFs) to facilitate ads for interested farmers and other potential customers at the community level who are not computer savvy or have inside in the usage of smartphones and tablets to submit ads for consideration.

Moreover, our solution shall create jobs for the youth through the engagement of community based facilitators who shall assist interested farmers and other potential customers to submit ads for consideration. We have about 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in Ghana. When FarmerCash is able to engage at least 20 facilitators in each district across the country, we will be employing about 5200 young men and women.

Food could be abandon in some areas andseriously unavailable in other areas. Access to anonline advertising and marketing of food and rawfood commodities will bring about fairdistribution.

• They engagement of FCFs is the most fundamental part of our new business that we need to prove will work during this pilot program and the functionalities of the application.



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