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Nigeria as a nation is a country blessed with lots of human and natural resources. It is a country of a population of over 200 million people having 60% of this number being youths. It is a nation blessed with agricultural land, having 37.33% of its total land mass as arable farm land; about 34 million hectares according to world bank statistics. Despite all that, the UNDP suggests that over 80% of Nigerians live below the poverty level. The rate of unemployment is on the increase having appreciated to a score of 46.65%, this as I write is on a daily rise due to challenges. These challenges are mostly caused by youths not engaging in productive ventures as it may be; the inability of the government to reach to rural areas with aids and educational schemes and in recent years the subject of insecurity in the country with has escalated to a peak beyond control by the government alone. It is no doubt that availability of food or abundance makes a nation partly secured, especially when issues of social security are being discussed. But the lives of people come under threat when such a privilege is absent. Insurgency like the popular Boko haram has in a great way affected food production and consequently raised prices of food that are predominantly cultivated in affected areas. We at Farmers’ delight believe that we are able to make small scale farming profitable. We will create market forces that will draw millions into the sector and hence create a better livelihood for small scale farmers and rural communities. Farmers’ delight will be providing its solution in these manners: we will empower local farmers who have registered with us with improved seed varieties, modern farm inputs, and link then to financial (loans and grants) institutes. We will also be organizing and establishing training sessions to the farmers on the best agricultural practices and skills for maximum returns. At the end of the farming session, we will stand in as agents linking them to the large global market to facilitate easy selling of the farm produce at a good and competitive price. To make this a reality, we will be collaborating with agricultural research institutes, financial institutes, food processing and manufacturing industries, farm input manufacturers and suppliers. More to this, our services will go a long way to help tackle issues of insecurity.



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