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The challenge we are addressing is “the Threat to World Food Security” as a result of Climate Change leading to inefficient farming methods and unsustainable farming practices by Farmers.

The Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that up to 25% of global food production could be lost by 2050 due to the combined impact of climate change.

To address this challenge, we are developing a solution we call "Farmer's Friend" for the over 100 million farmers in Africa and across the world.

Now,Farmer’s Friend is a dedicated AI mobile device which is going to tell a farmer on a daily realtime basis and one whole farming season ahead:

  • Which type of crops to plant,
  • When to plant,
  • The weather patterns to expect,
  • Best practices to utilize,
  • The pests and diseases to expect,
  • Future market prices and more.

Farmer’s Friend is designed to be custom-built with the most affordable hardware pieces, running its own proprietary mobile OS and housing our Agritech AI system: “Omni AI”.

Omni AI, is being developed to utilize all cutting edge machine learning iterations fromComputer Vision for identifying pest and diseases via photographs;to Natural Language Processing that will allow text outputs and to be read out to in English and other local languages as well as capture voice commands and translate it to text;to Interactive AI Chat bots which are preloaded with expert knowledge on particular subject matters under agriculture like the best methods of storing maize;and to market price prediction tools.

Not only that, Farmer’s Friend will also feature a peer to peer Blockchain payment solution: a Crypto Currency we call FAMCoin (Free Access Market Coin) which will allow peer to peer payment between farmers and between farmers and other agric stakeholders.

Farmer’s Friend is the path to efficient farming at lower costs and higher yields; it is the solution to unexpected pest and disease epidemics; it is an economic empowering tool that would see small holder farmers evolve to profitable medium scale farmers.

We choose to address this challenge because climate change will continue to affect every area of life and the agricultural sector is looking at how it can adapt in the face of rising temperatures, higher rainfall, drought, loss of viable land and increasing populations.

We believe with Farmer’s friend we can start to achieve World Food Security 2050 and beyond in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by giving farmers access to insights, guidance on the best farming practices & climate-smart information critical to farming success.



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