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In Nigeria, specifically, about 70% of the farmers are in the rural space, they are averagely operating at subsistence level, a large number of their farmland are not in cleared-state (over 58%), the cleared-land have been over-used (low-soil-fertility), the unit of tractors and other mechanization equipment is deficient, they have little or no access to agricultural extension and support services, the state of infrastructure is terrible, so access to market is a night mere; above all over 80% of the rural-smallholder farmers are financially illiterate and excluded from the conventional banking system, making access to Agric-Finance a big challenge. For these reasons, their household income is low, and they could not afford essential needs; aside from the food, they source from their farm, which usually lacks all the required nutrients, causing malnutrition.

Our FarmersHELPLINE solution is the first virtual multi-lingual Farmers' electronic-Support Centre in Nigeria (to the best of our knowledge) that explicitly link smallholder knowledge-excluded farmers; whether skilled/unskilled, educated/uneducated to access essential information that is relevant for their success, delivered to them promptly in their preferred Language through our trained/experience FarmersHELPERs (an agents assigned to the farmers on registration). With the FarmersHELPERs, a farmer can quickly get access to an agent at no cost to discuss challenges on the farm and also get access to relevant market information before embarking on production.

The FarmersHELPLINE SOLUTION combines and adopts USSD, Internet, GPS, Drone and Artificial Intelligence to provide a relevant alert to an FarmersHELPER that can promptly notify a farmer of likely climate, market, cost and financing information in his local or first language while he is making any decision on the farm. Our e-FarmersHELPLINE does not provide loan to farmers, but give the necessary information and ensure they are adequately prepared to access any form of fund available to a farmer in the city; through information dissemination, financial education and technical support.

With our FarmersHELPLINE SOLUTION, an average rural farmer irrespective of the availability of internet can gain access to the most proximate idle fertile farm land, tractor vendors, input providers, expert advice (as it relates to technology. financial, climate and market) and off-takers or process with future binding contract to buy at maximum-guaranteed price. The primary vision is to increase farmers productivity and profitability through technology and mechanization to ultimately improve living standard in rural communities and significantly alleviate hunger both in the cities and rural areas.



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