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FarmerTribe is a social enterprise working with smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana to increase crop yields of grains, open new market opportunities, training and strengthen rural economies to improve livelihood of our smallholder farmers.

  • Agricultural Input Sale:-Through FarmerTribe Community Input Agents (CIA), input is been sent to communities who lacks timely access to inputs due to their location. Input are sold to smallholder farmer retail price without transportation charges to these communities reducing farmers crop budget and timely application/usage offertilizer, agrochemicals and seeds which increase their crop yields.
  • Agricultural Mechanization services:-FarmerTribe provide smallholder farmers with timely access to mechanization, because of farmers can have their land ploughed to be able to cultivate on time and also thresh/shell their grains on time to prevent post-harvest losses.
  • Outgrower Scheme :-FarmerTribe provides agricultural input credit to farmers who lack the capital to invest on their farms, the outgrower scheme provides smallholder farmers with mechanization services (ploughing and shelling), hybrid seeds, fertilizer, agrochemicals and package sacks on credit then after the season these smallholders repay with part of their yields.
  • Agricultural Education:-Lack of training on modern good agricultural practices accounts for 20% loss of yield during production, as a result through TribeSchool, smallholder farmers are trained on good agronomic practices, post-harvest handling and farming as a business (FaaB). Farmer tribe also set up demonstration farms with Tribe members so that they can have practical knowledge and training. Also set up model farms a combination of input to compare modern technologies and their effect on total crop yields base on with Tribe members chooses the right technologies and input with work best for their communities.
  • Market Linkages:-After production, FarmerTribe assist farmers to find market for their produces by aggregating from Tribe members to get huge volume which aids in getting best price for their grains.



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