Farmify - Agri investments platform for farmers

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Farmify- We are creating an agri-fintech marketplace where investors can discover, fund and track the farms of small and marginal farmers who need money for the cultivation of their farms.

Agri finance in India is a big problem, only financial institutions or organizations has huge capital and agri expertise are financing for farmers and sometimes these local moneylenders charge as high as 60% interest rate.

So to solve this, our technology platform will help people with money to choose their investments among these farms cultivated by poor farmers.

For farmers, it is no-interest and non-collateral loans

For Investors, they can diversify their investment portfolio, and see this as an alternate investment option, which not only grows their money but create an impact in the life of a family of the farmer.

we will also insure the field of farmer, so that in a nature calamity some part of investor capital is recovered.

Hence proving a win-win situation for all.



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