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When we talk about poverty,it is about people being unable to provide for their basic needs.One of these needs being the ability to access enough fresh and healthy food.At Farming Simplified,we encourage people to grow the vegetables they need for their daily use in their homes for themselves utilizing the least space possible.This can be done in containers,vertical bags,improvising with materials readily available in the surrounding and other methods that barely need a large space.This initiative therefore encourages women/families and communities at large to have healthy vegetables for consumption.

When a family is able to "feed" themselves,this creates a ripple effect and encourages the community at large to growing the food that can sustain them and reduces the poverty level of a community and in effect they may be able to sell the excess produce and make a little extra money for themselves.We primarily focus on training the women on this concept because a woman is the main care-giver/nurturer in the home so we feel she is therefore in better position to utilize that information for the benefit of her children and husband.Once a community begins to grow their produce,we also educate them on how to handle the food in a clean and healthy way in order to educate on the importance of handling food in a safe manner and also food preparation to maximize nutrient content in the meals

Our goal is to have positive direct impact on the households affected by poverty by enabling them to grow their food and mentor them to be able to pass on the skill to others.



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