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Streamlining and enhancing the delivery of agricultural extension services such as advisory, diagnostic, predictive, descriptive and prescriptive information. By building, maintaining and making available a personalized, interactive, social, dynamic ICT tool (mobile application accessible on smart phones, feature phones using USSD and SMS technology) driven by new technologies in big data and machine learning. Enabling the building of capacity and sustainable economic empowerment of the individuals involved in the livestock and fisheries value chain. Farmers need access to agricultural information and knowledge in timely, complete and quality manner. This information is critical in ensuring high yields, profitable and sustainable farming. The traditional practice for delivering agricultural information in sub Saharan Africa more so in Uganda is mainly through farmer-to-farmer visits, the farmers’ own experience and extension officers. The practice requires extension officers to visits farmers in order to give advisory services. Statistics show that the ratio of extension workers to farmers in Africa is 1:4000 against a Food and Agriculture (FAO) recommendation of 1:400. Thus due to the few number of extension officers, the system is overstretched which necessitates the urgent need to find an alternative method to improve extension services.



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