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Agriculture calls for an increased role of technology and new approaches such as the geospatial intelligence necessary to help produce efficient and sustainable crops. This is true for large agricultural basins in the world, but also for land new and rapidly developing lands modern technologies and precision farming as well as practices supporting the mitigation of climate change are supported.

FAROS is A web application platform with a web gis area and a dashboard with all satellite processed data for the custumer area.With the right information, agronomists and farmers can have a clear, current understanding of what is happening in each individual field at each crop growth stage, enabling them to monitor crop growth dynamics, detect issues early, and take smart, timely actions.satellite imagery has perhaps held the greatest promise for precision agriculture. Optical satellite sensors can measure the reflectance of crop canopies in the visible and near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, enabling agronomists to assess crop vitality and uncover potential issues before symptoms become visible to the human eye. Big Data from Space (above all Copernicus constellation) has become, for this reason, a valuable global commodity, but it is much more than simple information: in expert hands, it is intelligence. Already it is helping accelerate the development of strong responses to some of the most pressing challenges of our time: food production and environmental degradation.Now the problem is the capacity to transform data into information, the real users needs. Precision Agriculture (PA) is one of the main markets for the Earth Observation (EO) sector; it makes use of satellite images and GIS to help farmers in monitoring and managing crops from planting to harvesting. PA features include identifying the land’s irrigation status, determining the vigor of chlorophyll, monitoring plant diseases, and supporting farmers in the evaluation and optimization of agricultural treatments.



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