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Hi! Feature Wears-a startup that would refit and renew people’s clothes offering a wide variety of inexpensive and fashionable options. The idea at the heart is recycling clothes. Say, I have a favorite shirt and it's quite old. I could add latest fashion to my favorite shirt and redesign it at a cost cheaper than designing a new one and even better I can wear my favorite shirt again. We could renew old clothes while adding a fresh touch and a latest design, while bettering our economy and reusing fabrics- yeah, all fabrics not just clothes. People could redesign their curtains, bed sheets or blankets, or create a new one from two not very good ones. In such a venture we could manage to design genuine good quality fabrics to pursue an objective of a social organization to help the needy people get warm and comfortable. If the project turns out to be successful, old clothes can be collected or bought from people and then using design skills from awesome designers, they could hit the market. Extending the projects further, renting and exchanging clothes could very well be a great idea-creating a floating fabric market: Say I get a shirt today. I wear it, I sell it tomorrow or exchange it for another one. The project could be revolutionary in reusing fabrics, and providing better fabrics to under privileged communities.



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