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Nigeria's population is expected to increase to 400 million people by 2050. Nigeria's population in the urban areas is expected to reach 75% by 2050, which is due to immigration from rural areas. There is no better time than now to introduce nourishing and sustainable diets that are available throughout the year irrespective of the season. Our business is focused on diets that are plant and aquatic-based because they are healthy and environmentally beneficial. Our business is dehydrating fish, fruits, vegetables and packaging to extend the shelf life of foods without the need for refrigeration, to reduce weight and bulk volumes, saving the cost of transportation and storage. The water content of fish, fruits and vegetables limit their shelf-life and make them more susceptible to storage and transport problems.In Nigeria, we experience hot weather that shortens the shelf life of our agro-products. Fish, fruits and vegetables are not available or plentiful or varied across the season in a year, also with the challenge of post-harvest losses in the fruit, vegetables, fish supply value chain, then comes the need for drying. Nigeria loses 60% of its agro products to post-harvest loses. These perishable foods are converted to stable forms to produce ingredients and additives like dried vegetables for soups, dried fish for various dishes, dried fruits for snacks, cakes, breakfast cereals. Our business is designed for cities with inhabitants that rarely find time to plan the meals of the day or week. Most of these residents easily revert to take away meals, dining out, or simply eat what is easily available to cut out the time factor of preparing a balanced diet. The shift from current diets to healthier ones is likely to produce important benefits to city residents health and prevent thousands of deaths each year. Our dehydrated foods contain 3 times the nutrients value in fresh produce. Our vision is focused on reducing the effect of post-harvest loses of fish, fruits and vegetables, also providing city residents with an adequate supply of rich nutrients foods in proteins, vitamins,omega-3 acids, antioxidants in dehydrated form throughout the year. Consumers can quickly pick our packaged products at the farmers market, shopping malls and grocery stores across the city. Dehydrated foods would enable consumers in the cities to afford in variants across seasons and can be readily purchased anytime any day. Dehydrated foods can reduce post-harvest loses and feed our growing population.



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