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AZ BIOSYSTEMS is a startup Registered in India as LLP. We do Innovative Azolla Farming in Urban area on Rooftops using household wastewater . AZOLLA
IS FASTEST GROWING AQUATIC PLANT . Azolla BIOMASS GETS DOUBLE EVERY 5th day, this is the natural growth rate.

Global warming is mainly due to CO2 & other green house gases. By doing Innovative Azolla Farming on Rooftop we CAPTURING atmospheric CO2. Just from 1sq.meter Azolla bed area using this biotechnology we are able to produce 100gm Azolla fresh biomass daily. we have proven method of quantification of carbon dioxide Capture. using that system of quantification of CO2, about 3.5kg per year per sq meter. We have Target to cover 500 million sq meter of vacant Rooftop area for Azolla farming building of Urban area within 4yrs from the start up foundation. We can achieve the same with very big environment impact of CAPTURING 2 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere making the planet healthy & HAPPY.Alongwith achiving bigger environmental impact, social & economical impact are also noteworthy.. AZOLLA is protein rich so used as the best poultry feed, cattle feed,fish feed . (Details will be given in Business Pitch Deck.) We r preparing feed pellets using Azolla & other ingredients & can do selling at very competitive &cost efficient way. This technology has very huge employment generation potential in developing countries especially South Asian & poorest African countries.in value added product like feed pellets, for Poultry &fish.

This will boost up agriculture economy of BoP population.



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