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The issue of peace have always been a challenge.Unsafe act, such as engagement in conflict has always create an environment that is not peaceful.When we train and coach people in first Aid and most especially in safety management; so many people will be aware of danger sof hazard and  consequences unsafe act.Such awareness will cause people in our society to take safety precautions so as to reduce the effect of unsafe act such as conflict.Building a community that is safety conscious will surely build a society that free from conflict because of its effect which include but not limited to loss of life, destruction of properties, destruction of social amenity.I strongly believe that when people mindset are change positively through training and coaching, they will think of and concentrate on how to build the society and to destroy the society.This idea is necessary because it will help reduce the number of vulnerable people in the society because more people will be aware of what to do when ever there is an emergency



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