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Fish makes up 60% of the average Ghanaian’s protein diet. It is the next popular animal protein after chicken and beef and expected to overtake them in few years. Ghana has a high domestic demand for fish and has one of the highest consumption per capita in the world (20 – 24kg/year). UN-Habitat predicts that the growing population and increasing urbanization means the market for Ghanaian aquaculture is also expanding. Fish is consumed across the demographic spectrum, by the rural poor and the urban rich, by the young and the old, in all regions of Ghana.

Both the coastal and inland water bodies in Ghana heavily polluted as a result of over-exploitation, household waste, mining and oil activities. Most of the fishes caught in this water bodies are however not properly check before been sold on our markets. This possess a greatthreaton the health of over 26 million Ghanaians who consumed fish on daily bases.

We are solving this problem by using search, rescue and save mission with the help of volunteers to search for endangered fishes within the contaminated river bodies andrescue them using specially design fish traps, and then we provide these fishes with safe and clean home in the form of modern fish farming. This enable us to feed and treat the fishes with the help of officers from the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development. By so doing, we are able to provide affordable, quality and healthy fish for consumption to help prevent and protect our communities from likely disease outbreak that can result from eating fishes from these contaminated rivers.



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