Fixing waste management in developing nations

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Solu aims to fix the way that waste is managed in developing nations. Door-to-door, street-to-street collection just doesn't work in emerging nations where commensurate investment in infrastructure hasn't kept up with demand for consumer packaged goods. As a result, we've seen large scale environmental degradation, the rise of ocean plastics [Philippines is the third highest emitter of plastics into the ocean according to Oceans Conservancy 2016] and the prevalence of street waste [which carries with it immense social, health and economic problems]. And this isn't always because local government doesn't care
in fact in Metro Manila, many LGUs spend between 1/4 and 1/3 of their total annual budgets on waste collection and despite this collection rates typically hover between 55-70%. It's clear that they need help, and that's where Solu comes in. Solu provides technology to connect all market participants in the waste collection chain. From street sweepers to households to junk shops to materials recovery facilities to the private sector and to the government
Solu connects all, to drastically improve the efficiency of the value chain. And Solu diverts these efficiency gains to citizens and informal waste pickers at a grass-roots level
we enable people to sell their segregated waste materials at a value that's 5-8x what they can currently sell their materials for... and we thus incentivize a greater number of the population to sustainably dispose of their waste materials by selling it with Solu. And this works whilst offering a cheaper and significantly more efficient collection mechanism for government. We provide extra earnings opportunities to the vulnerable in society that need it, improve waste collection rates and divert more waste away from unsustainable dumpsites



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