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Futurcycle is a social enterprise that promotes environmental sustainability and socio economic development by employing people in low-income communities to capture value from recyclable waste.

As a recycling agency, Futurcycle requires a huge workforce in various sectors like collection of recyclables, sorting them, processing activities, sales, facilities operations and logistics support, as such it has the potential of giving employment to youths within 10 years. Futurcycle requires varying degree of skilled and semi-skilled employees irrespective of degree acquired.

Producing and marketing quality recycled plastics and paper products is part of our core business. We operate an advanced sorting and processing hubs and factories, and offer a range of products through FuturCycle Products. To assess the value of your waste plastics, we need to know the volume of the material you have available, what type of material you have, and your needs in terms of processing and service.

Pollution is Reduced-

FuturCycle reduces the amount waste sent to landfills which release gases that pollute the environment and attract insects, flies and bugs, therefore reducing the amount of pollution. FuturCycle leads to less carbon emissions, reducing the carbon footprint of that product. This relates to the SDG Goal 13, 14, 15 (Climate action, Life below water, Life on land)

Preserves Natural Resources & Prevents Habitat Destruction-

Most of the world’s natural resources are finite, meaning they are limited and will run out at some point. FuturCycle helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources by using recycled materials to make new products and packaging. This is in relation to the SDG Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production)



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