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Context Overview: In the light of the primitive fabrication techniques, with no considerations taken into account when designing and producing, these manufacturing processes emit polluting by-products often went into waste. In addition to the rising garbage issue Lebanon is facing since the crisis started in 2015, where 2.04 tons of waste is produced daily by municipal area, in the absence of globally accepted waste management and recycling approaches.

Brief: Here comes Flip, an urban furniture startup that aims to reduce the fabrication waste by-product through integrating it in the manufacturing of its individual main products. Our first prototype is bench alpha, the bench consists in a monolithic structure made of waste material of plastic and foam with concrete mixture, it is intended for indoor and outdoor furniture with large and generous proportions. The structure can be positioned on the ground in two different ways.

Dim. = 180 x 50 x 45 cm

Exterior Morphology: the First position, having the structure being used as a seating rising 45 cm above ground level, facilitate relaxation and nurture and beautify our cities. Covering 4 persons in top surface area, and 2 additional leaning positions on the sides. Flip is a part of the collective imagination of the urban life of Beirut.

Second Position comes in the form of a chaise lounge, designed with high attention to detail to the human ergonomics of lounging. With two additional spaces for seating as well on the sides.

Mix identity: going back to our target of integrating the waste into the manufacturing of the main product, this bench mix is made up of the following:

100 kg of shredded plastic – cement – sand

Such combination allows us to include the plastic waste that is found in the Lebanese wastelands totaling up to 16% of the total waste, into urban furniture introduced into the Lebanese Urban Life.

Flexible Mold: Efficiency was a go
to aim in the process from start to finish, where the mold design is one of them. Using a mold, with a flexible approach, meaning, changing the from the of the mold to generate not one outcome, but infinite amount of variation from a single mold allows higher efficiency and better waste deduction. This mold consists of a base, a fixed unit, and a variable or flexible mediator in between *as explained in the supporting diagrams. This mediator, in our case fabric, allows us to shift in the positions using the fixed unit in the XYZ direction, producing a different unit in each different position.

Flip not only produces good looking, trend setting urban furniture, but also combines the imaginative approach in dealing with waste production and infusion in its benches. Resulting in an aesthetically Pleasing, youth Indulging Experience.



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