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Food for All Mobile Technologies Ltd. having carefully observed the challenges of smallholder and rural farmers in effectively selling their farm produce due to inefficient food systems in this industry, see the opportunity to leverage on mobile technology to  introduce a community based distribution company that focuses on affordability, efficiency and convenience.

Okumkom is a market entry stage brand within the food distribution sector of Ghana’s economy. We are in the process of building  Africa’s first and the best community food distribution platform that brings convenience and affordable food to homes in semi-urban and rural communities. 

 Our product ranges from fresh local farm produce such as grains, eggs sourced from smallholder farmers and branded food products manufactured or imported into Ghana.

Our target customers are low income and middle class semi-urban and rural families who spend over 60% of their income on food monthly.

 Vision Statement:

By creating efficient and inclusive means of nutrition through leverage on mobile technology, we aim to:

Ø   Become Africa’s no.1 indigenous community food distribution platform

Ø  Help semi-urban working women to conveniently have access to affordable food products saving them time on ingredients shopping.

Ø  Promote accessibility of local agric-processed food products within communities.

Ø  Reduce food waste and malnutrition in Africa

Our mission is to make affordable and healthy foods accessible to communities through a convenient innovative distribution channels.

Our product/services is a mobile platform that will simplify the way food products are bought in semi urban communities. It is going to be a community-based, mobile and discount food outlet platform that facilitates the search and purchasing of food products.

2.1. Features of our mobile app platform are:

      The mobile application will display our discount deals and events in a list format, with the current/most recent ranked first.

      Users are able to learn the start and end time of a deal, the degree of discount, and location. Deals may be filtered by: product type (prepared food or groceries), degree of discount, and payment options.

      The application settings will allow users to receive personalized notifications when we offer a product they are interested in as a discount deal.

      We will be able to create, update, and remove their deal/event listings on a separate mobile friendly website. The website will also display usage statistics such as the number of listing views to understand the level of consumer response.


2.2. Technical Details of Okumkom mobile app:

         The app shows users of new discount posted food products by our community discount food stores sourced from suppliers. Users can also search by their product type, price and area offline.

         We will also offer other supermarkets the opportunity to   post their intended excess food for donation to community orphanages and schools to receive freely.

         User’s authorization  via email or social media account

         Push-notifications service


         The language used is Java for Android with Html and PHP for the administrator’s panel

         The app is available on Android platform with version Jellybean and latest, but a future development for IOS and web versions

         The app works best on device with RAM of 512MB and above.

 Our business model is an on-demand community food distribution service through which customers can sit at the comfort of their home or walk into our community outlets to have access to food products of their preference. We also process and package some local agric products sourced from rural farmers and sold under our indigenous Okumkom brand meaning "hunger fighter in our local language



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