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Many farmers both small and medium count their losses every day because of post-harvest wastages, while so many people go to bed hungry because of lack of access to affordable food all over Africa including the urban areas. Our solution comes in to create a digital even distribution of the different food crops needed for healthy leaving to all geolocation within our network coverage at controlled prices. We have double approach to this project namely the digital food business and the the free food for special need poeple.

The business side of this project is to source the food crops, process them into usable forms for households, preserve and distribute in special packaging to all our chosen areas of coverage.

The second part is the humanitarian provision for poeple in need. 38% of the products and income generated from the business operations goes into funding the main course, which is provision of daily needed sustainable food to special need people experiencing extreme hunger and starvation in selected locations in Africa, as a result of draught, flood and insurgency(IDP).

This project is going to generate a lot of income, and several people with special needs are going to be fed with the same standard of food that goes to the market. This is our own way of working towards Zero Hunger. It is achievable.



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